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LED linear / batten lights

Поставщик: Toppo Lighting Company Limited
Дата: 13 декабря 2019 г.
Группа: Установки разведочного бурения и узлы
Цена: 10.00
Валюта: руб


Toppo Lighting Company Limited is professional LED linear / batten lights manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our own factory and can offer newest light products with customized price.

Our LED linear / batten lights are uniquely designed. It has no glare and is eye-friendly. They are sold at more competitive prices than conventional linear lamps. Low glare linear LED light uses a cold light source with low glare and no radiation or harmful substances in use. LED linear Trunking System with Narrow Light Module is an electro-optic conversion system. The electro-optical conversion process starts from the power supply part, including the original power supply, power management and conversion, sensing and control, driver, thermal management, LED and its light mixing, scattering and optical extraction. Low Glare Dimming LED batten Light Fixture is environmental protection. It is recyclable, free of mercury and other harmful substances, and free of harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays. 80 Degree LED linear Light Fixture adopts high transmittance diffuse PMMA light control cover, which has high light transmittance, uniform light emission and good anti-glare effect. Its reflector uses imported anodized aluminum plate to ensure high energy output. We also have 8ft Vapor Proof LED batten Light suitable for bedroom, dining room, office, etc.

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